Guest lecture by Prof. Henry Etzkowitz (US)

On 18th April Prof. Henry Etzkowitz, President of the Triple Helix Association and Director of the International Triple Helix Institution was the guest of 25 year old IKU Innovation Research Centre where he gave a lecture on the “Triple Helix Innovations in a Crisis Era”, chaired by Prof. A. Inzelt.

The event has attracted a diverse audience from University of Szeged, Szechenyi Istvan Uinversity Győr, University of Pécs, Semmelweis University, Óbuda University  research organisations (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, RCISD), , public agency (NKFIH) and business sphere (Spad Kft). 

The lecture was followed by a lively discussion among the lecturer and guests.

The slides of the presentation can be read here

Short video footages are also provided to give a glimpse into certain elements of the topic:
Triple Helix spaces
The core of TH model
The flexibility of TH model

The full lecture can be listened here.