Reference jobs


Financial Tool for Exploring the Potentials of a National Municipal Housing Policy

Study by János Atkári, László Láng, Márta Pluhár, Ferenc Szűcs and Sándor Tóth for the Ministry of Self-Governments and Territorial Development.

Budapest, December, 2006

CIB Bank

Some aspects of rating of debtors and bankruptcy forecasting by banks, commissioned by the CIB Bank

2006 (Éva Várhegyi, Éva Voszka)

State Privatisation and State Holding Company

15 years experience and the future of privatisation commissioned by the State Privatisation and State Holding Company

2005 (Éva Voszka)

Budapest Electricity Works

Those entitled to state aid for household energy expenditures ? an attempted definition of ?the needy?, commissioned by ELMÜ (Budapest Electricity Works)

2005, (Éva Voszka)

Hungarian Academy of Sciences

The main tendencies in regulating competition 2005-2007 (Chapter fragment of the analysis entitled "Middle-term prognosis for the Hungarian economy"), commissioned by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

2005 (Éva Voszka)


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