Aschner Society

Researchers, businessmen and policy experts interested in innovation met in February 2013 to initiate thorough discussions on how to develop relevant innovation policy for Hungary. They share two basic principles: (1) good innovation performance is essential to enhance international competitiveness and improve quality of life in Hungary; (2) innovation activities and performance both in the business and public sector is highly influenced by the government policies and capabilities to create innovation-friendly environment.
The main goal of the ‘Aschner Lipót’ Society is to put innovation in the centre of policy debates. Innovation policy-making needs to be a participatory process, involving key stakeholders from the business and research communities, as well as the informed civil society.
The members of the Society published an essay in the Hungarian economic weekly “HVG” in November 2013. The Society is organising several roundtable discussions with the participation of managers of various innovative companies and other stakeholders.
The essay is available in Hungarian:
Aschner Lipót was a well-known and successful Hungarian industrialist, CEO of Tungsram in the first half of the 20th century, one of the global leaders in bulb and electric engineering industry. Mr. Aschner was a forward-looking, creative person. During his leadership the first business R&D laboratory was established in Hungary, and his company introduced several cutting-edge technical, organisational and marketing innovations. Tungsram established close collaborations with other industry giants, like General Electric, Philips and Osram. Mr. Aschner also played a very important role in setting up the first nuclear physics department at the Budapest Technical University and was a keen patron of Újpesti TE (UTE) sports club.