Wednesday disputes

The tradition of the "Wednesday disputes" dates from the time of writing ?Turn and Reform? in the mid-80s. At that time, young colleagues from the Financial Research Institute and the Ministry of Finance, researchers from ministries and academic institutes, journalists and sociologists presented their writings on Wednesdays in the ?Gipsy corridor? of József nádor Square, or in the small, dark meeting room on the mezzanine floor. From these, a study was compiled reflecting relative agreement following extended disputes.

We renewed this tradition at the end of the 90s together with the editorial board of the Economic Review. We now discuss interesting studies, we invite social science workshops and journals to introduce themselves, and colleagues from Financial Research Plc. regularly present their writings for debate. These newly launched reform disputes are generally accommodated at conferences organised by the Plc.



Date Former invited guests:
30 May 2007 14.00 György Lengyel: Recruiting the Hungarian economic elite in the nineties
11 April 2007 14.00 Zoltán Sz. Bíró: Nabucco or Blue Stream?
28 February 2007 István Schlett: Crisis management, political change, or transformation of the party structure
31 January 2007 Mária Csanádi: Reforms, deterioration and transformation in China