Towards the next generation of science, technology and innovation data and indicators

The Blue Sky III Forum “Towards the next generation of data and indicators” took place in Ghent, Belgium, 19-21 September, 2016. The recent progress in science, technology and innovation (STI) lead to challenges for STI measurement, too. Such challenges are the globally open innovation processes, worldwide changes in the funding of scientific research, active participation of less developed economies in STI, digitalization and use if IT in every aspect of life or changes driven by emerging scientific fields (biotechnology, nanotechnology). The renewal of databases and indicators is strongly influenced by the emergent big data sources based on IT developments and on the appearance of new measuring methods.
On this conference the poster of Annamária Inzelt, DSc and László Csonka, PhD “The impact of SSH doctorates in various contexts: The case of Hungary” was presented.
The poster is available here.