The Audacity of the Euro - WSJ

5 ways in which the eurozone tensions have manifested themselves in 2010 by STEPHEN FIDLER

The Wall Street Journal, December 24, 2010

How could European governments believe they would be able to hold together a common currency with a single monetary policy?and each of them pursue widely different economic policies in every other respect?

Discipline versus solidarity


Can the world avoid a fresh crisis? by Ian Bremmer

For better and for worse, globalization -- all the various processes by which ideas, information, people, money, goods, and services now cross international borders at unprecedented speed -- has been the primary geopolitical and economic trend of the past several decades. But the financial crisis and its aftermath have proven that no one has forgotten how walls are built, and this moment is in many ways more dangerous for the global economy's future than anything we experienced during the Cold War, threats of nuclear war notwithstanding. Tovább»​​​​​​​

EUR-HUF exchange update

EUR-HUF exchange rate on 3 and 6 months and one year bases.

Source: MNB, Central Bank of Hungary

EUR-HUF 6 hónap

EUR-HUF 3 hónapos

EUR-HUF 1 éves Tovább»​​​​​​​

The blinkers in Budapest - The Economist

According to the announcement on September 8th by György Matolcsy, the national economy minister, that the country will aim for a 2011 budget deficit of 3 per cent of GDP is the first sign the government has given that it will not fight too many battles simultaneously.


But it would only take a new shock, a sharp increase in risk-aversion, or a further forint slide, to force the country to return to the IMF, but this time with no cards left to play.



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