The chances of dinosaurs

Restructuring and privatization of large firms

What does systemic change mean for large scale Hungarian industry? How have the organizational and ownership structure of large socialist firms changed? How have their activities, behavior and orientation modified? What kind of firm strategies proved to be successful? What is the role of the state as an owner, regulator and market actor in shaping the fate of large firms? The research presented in the paper tries to find answers to the questions with by combining economic and sociological approaches. The fate of 49 large firms, considered as a special group of strategic enterprises in the planned economy, is analyzed by case studies and processing their balance sheet data.

Közgazdasági Szemle - Economic Review, XLIV. évf., 1997. January (31 - 41. O.), Study Tovább»​​​​​​​

Incremental citation impact due to international co-authorship in Hungarian higher education institutions

co-authors: A. Schubert, M. Schubert

International co-authorship is generally thought and often found to have positive effects on the citation rate of scientific publications. We study the effect quantitatively in the example of four major and four medium Hungarian universities. The conclusions may be generalized to other countries of similar international status. Tovább»​​​​​​​

Laszlo Lengyel: a third nationalist wave?

In countries that have experienced regime changes, an economic crisis could give birth to a third wave of nationalism. The middle classes could find themselves facing an existential threat. People who were winners until now will lose out. Modernisers, those who urge the country in the direction of Europe, people who work in high-tech professions and those who have taken out loans in Swiss franks - they could all lose their jobs, their savings and their networks of contacts.

Laszlo Lengyel: a convincing government, a convincing prime minister

Gabor Fodor and the Free Democrats rejected the Gyurcsany package. They were right in grasping that only one sentence of this programme needed to be taken seriously: "If Parliament does not accept this programme, I will resign." The Socialist Party's leaders have now either to support Gyurcsany and his package, or they have to persuade Gyurcsany to resign from the prime minister ship, remaining party leader until the next congress. The second course of events is in the country's interest: a convincing government with a convincing prime minister.

HVG-Online, 2008. szeptember 1.

English version: HVG-Online, 2008.szeptember 11. Tovább»​​​​​​​


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