Hungary and the IMF - Press review II.

  • En Hongrie, les curieuses manieres de M. Orban (Le Monde, Editorial, July 20, 2010) The editorial expresses its surprise at the assertive conduct of the new conservative government while forcibly trying to overwrite the rules of the two decade old democracy in Hungary and its attempts to dictate to international organisations.

Hungary and the IMF - Press review

  • The Wall Street Journal created a summary of the immediate responses from analysts to the sudden breakdown of negotiations between the IMF and the new Hungarian government. WSJ online, 22 July, 2010: Hungarian Communication on IMF: Confusing

    Hungary's strongest leader targets the media - The Washington Post - 19 July, 2010

    THE LAST TIME he served as Hungary's prime minister, Viktor Orban made himself a persona non grata in Washington...

    Among the first acts of Mr. Orban's new government was a law granting passports to ethnic Hungarians living in other countries.

    The passport measure might be dismissed as symbolic. But a second major initiative of the new government -- an attempt to impose sweeping new controls on the media -- is not. Tovább»​​​​​​​

    WSJ - Czechs Wary of Joining Troubled Euro - July 9, 2010

    PRAGUE?The new Czech central bank governor said uncertainty surrounding the euro zone in the wake of the Greek debt crisis is so great that there is no point considering adopting the common currency for now and expressed serious reservations about possible new Europe-wide regulations.

    Full article (as of 10 July 2010) Tovább»​​​​​​​


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