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(Cherry)blossoming R&D ? study tour in Japan

In the framework of the collaboration between IKU Innovation Research Centre and Ritsumeikan University, László Csonka PhD has been invited by Prof. Hiroshi Tanaka to Japan for two weeks. This visit provided great opportunity to study the R&D and innovation system of Japan and collect adaptable experiences for Hungary. Another important result of the stay were the lectures held by László Csonka, who gave talk at the Nippon, Rykkio and Hitotsubashi universities about the R&D and innovation networks in the Hungarian automotive industry.

Interim Evaulation of the Seventh Framework Programme Report of the Expert Group

Dr. Annamaria Inzelt, the director of IKU was involved as a supporting expert on ?Analysis of Researchers? Mobility in the Context of the European Research Area?. Tovább»​​​​​​​

Innovation and internationalization of SMEs

Main research results of the project "Chances of Hungarian SMEs in the globalizing knowledge economy" KKVENT_8 has been published in the latest issue of Külgazdaság


CONTENT Tovább»​​​​​​​


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