Introducing Financial Research Plc.

Financial Research Plc. is the intellectual successor of the Financial Research Institute, founded in 1968. The aim of establishing the company as an independent enterprise in 1987 was to continue the intellectual tradition represented by its reform workshop predecessor, the Financial Research Institute.

The capital stock of Financial Research Plc. is HUF 22.3 million, the shares now being in the hands of large monetary institutions, various enterprises and the Financial Foundation. The company funds pure and applied research projects, partly from its business consulting activities. Our colleagues include economists, jurists, sociologists and political scientists. Many of them have academic doctorates and PhD (candidate) degrees, they are university and college lecturers, magazine editorial staff and members of various academic committees, and are recognised publicists in weekly and daily papers. Our colleagues who are involved mainly with research regularly publish their writings in national and foreign specialist journals. Since its foundation, the company has been producing short-, medium- and long-term macro-economic analyses and forecasts. Several colleagues have participated in international comparative studies.

One of the fields best known in professional circles in which Financial Research Plc. is active, and which relies on several decades of tradition, is empiric company and institute research. Within this framework, our colleagues have examined, and also frequently published, research results in connection with large corporate behaviour patterns, the decision order and consequences of privatisation, the transformation of the banking system, and the operation of various governmental bodies (such as the Treasury, privatisation controlling bodies and municipal councils). During recent years, large databases (corporate balance-sheet data) have also been processed using various approaches.

Research activities, the granting of annual scholarships and evaluation of the scientific work are facilitated by László Antal, István Hetényi and György Surányi.

Within the bounds of the Plc., the Corridor Political Research Centre was founded in 1993, which at the level of basic research analyses political issues deemed important for Eastern Europe and Hungary, with regular participation by colleagues outside the organisation. The results of the work are summarised in a collection of studies issued annually by recognised publishers.

The IKU Innovation Research Centre, founded in 1991, joined Financial Research Plc. in 2007, thus expanding the profile of the Plc. in the areas of scientific, technological-political and innovation research.
Bodies and owners

Dr. László Lengyel, Chairman, Managing Director

Andrea Deák
Dr. Éva Várhegyi
István Zsengellér

Supervisory Board:
Gábor Nagy
Árpád Bartha
László Fodor

László Horváth

AEGON Hungary Property Development and Utilisation Ltd.


Royal Investment Property Utilisation Ltd.

MKB Bank Plc.

Hungarian Cable Works Inc.

National Association of Employers and Manufacturers

Medicor Holding

OTP Bank Plc.

IPOSZ Property Management and Operation Committee

Tamás Csikai

Tamás Korányi

Financial Research Foundation
Financial Research Foundation

The Foundation was established in August 1991. Its objective is to finance and carry out financial economic research, studies and analyses aimed at laying a foundation for management of the economy, for analysis of banking and corporate behaviour, and for macro- and microeconomic and financial processes. In order to achieve its objectives, lectures are held, consultancy is organised and scholarships and tenders are announced.
In order to achieve its objectives, lectures are held, consultancy is organised and scholarships and tenders are announced.

The Foundation carries out public utility activities as stipulated in section c) subsection 3 of 1997 law CLVI. This does not exclude others than the founder from benefiting from its public utility services.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees:
dr. Miklós Polgár

dr. Éva Várhegyi
Mrs. János Balogh