The CORRIDOR Political Research Centre is a research group with a loose structure which at the level of basic research analyses political issues deemed important for Eastern Europe and especially for Hungary. These include the question of the state and its future role, the meaning of sovereignty at the end of the 20th century, the phenomenon and significance of corruption, the problems of global civilisation arising in our region, etc..

The CORRIDOR research group was founded in 1993 by László Lengyel, Elemér Hankiss and Csaba Gombár. Péter Kende, Ákos Szilágyi, Hédi Volosin have since joined the group, and Vilmos Csányi, Ignác Romsics and Mária Vásárhelyi regularly participate in the work.

The research group functions under the auspices and with the support of Financial Research Plc., and the finances needed for operation are obtained in the form of tenders and sponsorship.

CORRIDOR approaches the matters under investigation in an interdisciplinary manner, in cooperation with well-known experts who are familiar with the issues. The completed manuscripts are judged by external opponents and are discussed in group debates. The results of the analyses and the debates are published regularly.

  • KGovernment in the balance 1990?1994.
    Budapest, 1994. Corridor
  • Questions marks: the Hungarian government 1994?1995.
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  • The mirage of sovereignty.
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  • So what if it doesn?t happen? Studies on the state at the end of the 20th century.
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  • Writings on corruption
    Budapest, 1998. Helikon Publishing Ltd. ? Corridor Political Research Centre
  • Questionable civilisation. Budapest, 2000. Corridor ? Helikon
  • The United States of Hungary?
    Budapest, 2001. Corridor ? Helikon
  • I cannot live without an empire.
    Budapest, 2002. Corridor ? Helikon
  • Ineffectual war.
    Budapest, 2004. Corridor ? Helikon
  • Two Hungaries?
    Budapest, 2005. Osiris Publishing House
  • Democracy overwhelmed. Our basic constitutional and governmental system.
    Budapest, 2006. Századvég Publishing House